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21 day weight loss resultsDown 10.8 lbs in 21 days!

"This challenge has been such an incredible journey. I had the ability and knowledge to exercise and eat healthy but I was never able to put it all together and follow it. Having the guidelines, accountably, support, and a great coach for just 21 days has shown me spectacular results. I now have the faith in myself to carry this through to my goal weight and then maintain it. I can't wait to go back to my friends at Crossfit and show them my progress. Thank you ladies for all the encouragement and support! I couldn't have completed this alone."

~ Sara F.


weight loss transformation"I have participated in several Maria Phillips 21 Day Challenges and they have helped me learn something new about myself each time. MP21 helped me get over some fears and helped me refocus on getting stronger. I was becoming complacent and the intensity of my workouts was lacking. Maria and the other MP21 participants have encouraged me and helped me get over the hump! I don't think I would've have gotten there without you all. I'm not someone who normally shares my fears and challenges but have learned through these groups how beneficial it is to be honest and forthcoming, Maria and the team have so much to offer in return. Thank you thank you and thank you from the bottom of my heart."

~ Margo K.


maria phillips 21 day challenge transformation "Hey Team! To say this has been an awesome experience would be an understatement. The better choice of words would be "life changing". Yes, I definitely lost weight, but the larger picture is all the things I gained:

1. Self-confidence that I could do something hard and be successful!
2. The realization of what it takes with both exercise and diet to be successful with continued weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.
3. A better understanding of the importance of a positive mindset towards my end goal.
4. A great appreciation of Maria and all those involved with this team. The social part of the challenge has been much more important than I previously understood!
    I could go on and on... I am sitting at the airport waiting to board my flight to Maui. This trip was planned before I accepted this challenge and could not have come at a better time. The exact week in between MP21 May and June Challenges!  I intend to enjoy my break with an eye towards healthy eating and lots of walk/jogs along the coast!"

    ~ Kim D.

    maria phillips 21 day challenge transformation before and after"Thank you Maria! This experience was incredible and I put it right up there with camp. Camp helped motivate me and jump start me into a fitness spiral which gave me some serious wind beneath my wings. The transformation team definitely keeps me going and has made such a huge difference in driving me each day. But MP21 pushed me to a new level, took me out of my comfort zone, taught me new challenging exercises, introduced me to more great people, gave me my own personal coach and got me some awesome results!  You are a fun, motivating, knowledgable coach and I enjoyed every single day of this challenge!  I will definitely be joining another challenge soon and will share how awesome the experience was with as many as I can! To anyone thinking about trying the 21 day challenge I would say: "Go for it! You will be so glad you did!  If you want to break through barriers, or need a personal coach and peers to hold you accountable and have variety and fun while doing it, then the 21 day challenge is perfect!" Thanks again and thanks to all my teammates, you are an awesome group and I had a ton of fun! Stay strong!"

    ~ Brian S.

    "Maria's 21 day challenge changed my life! I have been blessed to have participated in a few challenges and she is amazing! Maria pushes you and believes in you and gives you tough love because she wants to see you succeed. I have gained so much being a part of the challenges! I have gained friendships that will last a lifetime. There is nothing like the support that is created with this group. It's incredible. I've lost 15lbs and I continually broke barriers with mindset exercises by becoming more confident in myself, learning to love myself, and just being a better person overall."

    ~ Jennifer S.

    "Maria Phillips is an amazing mentor and coach. I have successfully completed four of her 21 day challenges eliminating 33 pounds of fat. The weight loss is just one aspect of her program. Through her mindset exercises, the safe community she creates and her guidance, everything in my life is better! I have more energy, I'm more confident, I'm a better leader, more active, made incredible new friend and am really enjoying life. I can't say enough about what a difference she has made in my life."

    ~ Marj H.

    "I have participated in a few of Maria's MP21 Challenges since the summer of 2015 and I've lost over 15 lbs of scale weight as a part of her challenge alone! But I've gotta tell you the pounds lost doesn't even start to describe the value of what I've gained and learned from being in an MP21 Challenge! For starters Maria is an incredible coach who has pushed me past the false barriers I had placed in my own way through her no excuses but love and caring based approach! Not only that, I've met and grown incredibly close with the people from my MP21 teams and have developed friendships that will last a lifetime! If you are ready to get serious about attacking your weight loss, health and fitness, and mindset goals and would like to have a tough but fantastic and caring coach and an accountable yet incredibly supportive team to motivate and inspire you along the way you've got to try to get into one of the MP21 challenges!! You will not regret it!! It is 21 days that might just change your life as it has so for so many of us lucky enough to have participated!!"

    ~ Amber B.

    "Maria's 21 Day Challenge is the most effective lifestyle change I have adopted:  clean eating, daily exercise, mindset awareness.  In three weeks I lost 5.6 pounds and gained the skills to develop lifelong fitness and sustained health."

    ~ Stephanie H.

    "Maria's challenge was just what I needed to push myself beyond what I thought I  was capable of, to break through a plateau and finally lose the weight I needed to get me within a couple pounds of my goal. The whole experience gave me more peace with who I am, more confidence to try new and difficult challenges, and more close bonds with like minded people. It's a very difficult, very enriching and very rewarding experience!"

    ~ Sally C.

    "Maria's 21 day challenge focused on the three pillars of health transformation: exercise, nutrition and mindset. While most other programs only deal with exercise and nutrition, Maria's program gets you to reset your thought processes (mindset) so you can achieve a long lasting and effective transformation. I was able to lose almost 9 pounds in 21 days and have developed strategies to continue to use as I move forward in my transformation. Thank you, Maria."