Bill Phillips Live Coaching: Jan 6 - Feb 2

Bill Phillips Live Coaching: Jan 6 - Feb 2

$ 397.00

You CAN Transform your health and fitness and you can rebuild and renew your LIFE. 

When you enroll in the BPLIVE online coaching program, Bill Phillips becomes your personal trainer and nutrition coach for 28 days straight. I keep you motivated and focused and accountable. I show you exactly what exercises to each day by LIVE video that you can watch on Facebook with you phone, tablet, or computer. I also show you the right foods and meals to eat, everyday. No guess work! You will lose fat, gain muscle strength and energy. You will develop the key habits needed to be successful at this for LIFE!

You can build a body that is lean, strong and energetic, no matter what your age. And I can be your coach for 28 straight days so you have time to learn and practice all the key steps of this process.

An 'average' personal trainer charges upwards of $65 an HOUR to guide you through a workout. In LA and NY trainers with 10+ years experience typically charge $200 an hour. With our live coaching and mentorship you get it all for just $14 a day. That's more than 85% less than the cost of hiring an average personal trainer.

What about you? Are you satisfied with your condition today. Have you wanted to get back on track or take your results from good to Great! Do you need some coaching and some daily motivation to stay on plan; to stay focused and energized? Would you go ALL IN (give it 100%) for four weeks with me there to teach and guide you each day.

This course starts January 6th and goes to February 2nd. This will be our only 4 week program planned for this year so get in now while you can =)

Use the promo code MP2020 for $100 off! And, when you sign up you will have the opportunity to sponsor one person to be part of the 4-week Team at no charge!